a little about the Oprah Winfrey insides…

Oprah’s iconic status takes a dent with publication of biography – The Irish Times – Sat, Apr 24, 2010
by irish times…

“…The illegitimate daughter of an impoverished black teenager in rural Mississippi, Winfrey became a millionaire by the age of 32 and is now ranked by Forbes magazine as the only African-American billionaire, with a fortune estimated at $2.7 billion. By switching her allegiance from Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, she may have swung the 2008 presidential race.

…Since adolescence, she says, she lived by the words of the Rev Jesse Jackson: “Excellence is the best deterrent to racism. Therefore be excellent,” and “If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.”

…Winfrey is credited with changing American attitudes towards race and homosexuality, and with creating the strong confessional streak in contemporary American culture…

In 1995 Oprah staged a show about drug addiction because a former boyfriend was about to reveal they had frequently used cocaine together. While interviewing a mother who used crack cocaine, Winfrey broke down in tears and confessed: “I did your drug. It’s my life’s great big secret that has always been held over my head.”

“You’re not just anti-black,” Winfrey calmly replied. “You’re also anti-gay too.” “

Great article about USA midia, culture and civil rights.
it is worth a read!

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