around… @ 5am

I can’t sleep properly
I am in my most pro- creative process ever
If there is any good on this recession times, the good is that I am spending my energy far from the necessary.
Last night I lost all my data. Damage: 10,000 songs, 2,340 I-tunes and some videos. All my reports, texts and thoughts are gone. Cry? Yes, I did some crying over the spilt milk, but already back in my creative moment… and I can’t sleep at night… my head is soared and I am still lost! I need to know where from my next payment is coming…
If there is a way to stop banging my head into the wall, is stop and look with wall I am banging into. So, I am also learning the downfall of this is Life… a common phrase in Ireland. Everything that happens to you is because is life.
“Did you beau break up with you? Don’t worry is life
Did u lost you shares? Don’t worry is life
Did your dog died? Don’t worry is life”
F**** this… I refuse to accept his. This is not life. Is just a lot of bad luck coming around to you in once!
These are reflections that I am banging my head into… daily… and I don’t know if I am still alive… I still don’t know if I will succeed. And I hope I’ll!
Enough crying. Enough taking life for grant. It is serious matters that need to be treated well, so on, it would be good for you… it has to be!

PS: I need a new PC

Streets of Dublin
Roll on spring
Irl 2009


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