odd dates

Face, the door…

While searching for the right one, you might feel the urge to experiment. Nothing is more natural than experiences. It makes us, a better human being. It makes us, think in the process and if luck, your adventure will pay off. In the gay world, it is no exception; and with so many tools, gay people are well ahead in experiments. Web sites, Bluetooth, clubs, cruising areas and the freedom make our universe more attractive and dark.

One day, bored in my room I decided to invest some time online and release the pressure. I had a though day and my body was senseless talking to me to let things out. Gaydar is so far the biggest matching website in the UK and Ireland and there you’ll find several different nationalities, professionals and so on. The night that I was on, so far, 1059 people were picking online. Nothing if compared to England; 3400 people searching and cruising online; or 2450 Dutch fellas.
So many different guys approached me and as always rules are: you have to have a picture, be nice and polite, speak some English to give fluency in the approach and beauty goes according to each other taste. I did choose my fella and he also chooses me.

He is a 35 years old, attractive, tall, well build, French male, working in IT in Dublin for the past 4 years. We kept speaking online till both us decides that time has come to us to meet personally. He is also my neighbour. I am living in Dublin 6 and he’s from the posh decadent D4. It also was a bit late; around 12.35am but both of us were very horny and we were really looking for a releasing quick one. Because of the proximity I decided that I would turn up in his place; funny is I never do that. They usually come to mine.

When I got in the property, a lavish apartments block with high tech security gates, that still now I didn’t figure out how it does work, he allowed me inside and when I got in his apartment, number 25; he gave the bottom to top look while I was standing yet outside looking for his approval- five minutes and he welcomed me inside. Politely he offered a cup of tea due the freezing weather outside. He reinforced his details before mentioned in our online chat sitting comfortably in his black leather sofa.

The place’s deco was very much animalist theme; zebras, leopard, tigers were the pattern of sofas, cushions, table cloths, lamp shades… “Oh my God; am I in a zoo?” and chocking news, his beau is an Australian visiting the parents in Down Under, which had done the entire deco for them. “Not my cup of tea at all” I thought.
We kept few minutes with a mammoth in the room, very uncomfortable silence and so, he decides to take me to their bedroom. I confess that I would rather stay in the living/zoo room. When I got there, the bedroom was filled up with animals, leather and teddy bears. I couldn’t help wonder, I felt miserable. How far would I go in that tacky room? O.k. he is a piece of an amazing French brioche but been horny is one thing, loose my soul in that zoo would be a completely different thing. But, whatever, why not…I was horny and he was there…

We undressed and when I got in bed, he simply announced, sharply, that he was not in the mood for that. And politely he offered me the door: “Would you mind to leave my place now?” I couldn’t believe that this was happening. I was chocked, yet, again. I could never ever in a million years have pictured myself in that situation. Oh gosh, I wished that the Earth could open and take me in. I got off that bed, got dressed, tried to pick my pride up and lashed out of that zoo…

On my way home I felt a huge punch in my confidence and I cursed myself and nobody else but me. Yet again, desire has betrayed me! Why did I not see the signals? Why I was showed the door like if I have some lethal disease? I didn’t deserve that. Anyway I was a guess… While backing home, I felt left over as if I was a onion that no one eats at the end of a meal; the cold that I felt was worse than Russian winter snow and the continuing strange feeling that I’ve been failing in my decisions followed me around for days…

But what goes around comes around…according to JT, the singer!
Ps.: this happened in January, 2009.


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