What do the gays want?

A quickly look around and you can’t deny the fact that gays are all around. They can be your manager, your friends, friends of your partners, your uncle or ant, and if luck enough can be your best friend.

Gay friends are well known for their loyalty and compromising towards its friend; family is in some cases an issue but if the gays have this issue sorted, their families will have a ball and the best moments in their Sunday lunch reunion.

However, as I am pointing out in so many moments, gay friends in their own environment such as clubs, bares, pubs, saunas whatever changes at all. And now with the Internet dictating how we are behaving those technological days, figures out who is friend and who is looking for quick shag is now easier and painful than never.

A quick search in one of the main mix-match websites in the UK and Ireland, serving in ten different languages can be fun and a pain in the whole.

It is fun because we are wittier, funnier, outgoing and ever audacious than ever using our nicknames, such as TOPWIZARD, DIRTYSPIK or FIGHTDECK. And if you apply just curiosity you’ll find even more funny ones according to your taste.

The problem becomes pain in how we describe the search for the other half, even for a quick one or more complex still, to find prince charming. Check these “hottest” comments found online;

  1. Seems the less u put here the better. wanna know anything just ask.. ;())
  2. Things i look for ; Positivity, openess, caring, sexual, sensual, independence, intelligence, honesty, integrity, down to earthness and above all a conscience. Love confidence, hate arrogance, if u love yourself move on, you’ve already met the best person in ur life so.. piss off.. 😉
  3. Please do not start messages with how r u (Im doing always well!), or what r u looking for, or just hi! Try to say something more 😉 I will appreciate it
  4. dub guy lookin for guys for fun friendship
  5. young, hung and full of cum… waiting to get loose! 😉
  6. Looking for Mr Right
  7. Partial to hairy men and great asses. Always looking for sleazy action, indoor or out
  8. not into THE Prince Charming but would love to meet charming princes….
  9. If you excessively pluck your eyebrows, ie. at all, then please do not write to me until you have grown them back and realised the error of your ways.
Courtesy these days is a rare quality. In this faster society, we just want to know when and how we are going to get laid and sooner the better. Size those days is an obsession. Most of my interviewers are complaining that the new kids as a more obsessed with dick size as the old crowd. There is nothing new in 2009 years of evolution.

They also mention that internet has categorised everything. Although they don’t complain that their searches has become more efficient and faster. “Well, with all the harm that it’s brings, some compensation also has to come on the way”, says one by a chat-room.

This fixation over categories is not new. However online, has taken a whole new dimension. Check some of the categories that you’ll find – black porn big dick cock jackoff gay fuck cumbreast ebony girl mixed tiddys cun moaningstraight interracial latino orgy fuckin load rawanal blow hardcore job suck big dick blowjob and the list goes on and on…

Also in vogue is the lack of human contact. Please, let’s not be innocent in here. We are all adults! We are not mentioning the body contact but human interaction. Due the internet, we also became more mechanical and less and less friendly. We are now more direct and more impatient. “Silly” questions such “how are you”, are less in vogue, losing room for questions such as “how big is your dick”, “where are you based”, “can you accommodate/travel?” or “are you ready to have shag” are more important.

As we escape behind the PC scream we ended up loosing the human skills to hold a conversation when not online. In the end, we are becoming more singles, alone and desperate for companionship that doesn’t revolve partnerships. That’s a big question mark for us to solve… all I need and all I don’t.

And a higher demand for body and image, before, masked by the warm and “friendly” social network that you had to build to gain access into the pink world, suddenly got on the way hand to hand with the internet.

Such advance in technology also put more porn on the table. Porn stars were the dream men to be in bed at least in my days, oh dear Jeff Palmer, and I am not so old anyway. Nowadays you can have your own porn star body since you are logged in one of those sites. Guys are now spending a huge amount of time pumping their bodies on the gym, searching for perfection in a bid to avoid talking and increase admiration when shaking in the dance floor or even placing their pictures in their Bebo, Orkut, Facebook, you name it, profiles.

In the society where you have to make one million dollar before 25 years old, to fit in, you also have to be perfect; perfect smile, body, dick, hair. Never mind kindness and be polite to the waiters. You have to have the right labels and the right jobs and most important of all, The best picture of your tummy, legs, arms, dick and ass to impress your next laid. Sometimes I fell like in a butcher shopping.

When did we all lose our masks and souls?


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