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From today I am emotionally letting you go. I had to do it, I had to write those lines so I can breed again. So I can face somebody else’s love without fear of you hunting me. The fear of those bad moments that we’ve together won’t come again.

You need to know that when you compromise even when you are not in mood, you are also being part of a relationship. All that time, if you did compromise, I counted a full hand. Most of the time, I was alone looking for you…or down walking the luas line alone…

The next time for your next relationship, bear in mind that when the other half compromises around you, your needs, your wishes and your fears, the other one is losing himself so you can shine away. When the other one is loosing itself, there is no good or bad no more and everything seem to be one big sheet. So many times I felt wrapped in my silence, not vocalising my fears afraid to create more drama. I ended up drinking my fears and creating more damage for me and for you…but nobody will change my perception that I am the one who lost the most…

As winter draws to an end, days like this come and go, and I still remember all those broken promises, I am still in a healing process, picking up the pieces that I left around. But I’ll recover, pay the entire onus that I own you and look at you in a better way! And when you see me again, I will be so much better, so beautiful and have my confidence back…I wish you from the bottom of my heart, all the happiness in the world. And try to make your next choice, happier than I ever was while with you. don’t buy then things, spend time with then, not just in the pub but out there too. Face your fears and help your heart to be a better place too…

Kind regards,

Nb.: this letter one day will be in my book. And you already know that. That’s why it has no names or places. But we know when, who, where has lived this relationship. “


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