the outcoming

“for a man, nothing is more uplifting than the company of a beautiful, intelligent woman. Let me speak personally. The woman in my life makes me a better, more confident man of me than I could be without her. I am proud of her, and want her approval above all else. After 6m years of evolution, I feel and behave just as the textbooks say I should. I sit or walk in her right, leaving my sword arm free to protect her. In the streets I place myself between her and the traffic. I hold open doors. I bring her cups of tea, carry the bags and attend to masculine tasks such as emptying the dustbins.

Even thou she cold manage without me (far better than I could without her), I still need to feel indispensable, or at the very least useful. I take my turn at the stone and the sink, and come over all alpha male when it comes to roasting and carving my trophies from the butcher shopping.

What I have been describing is “marriage” and “the family” – two institutions …

Evolutionary psychologists convincingly explain the urge to find a long-term mate, but the specifics of individual choices – why we choose one partner over another – remain harder to crystallise. Physical attraction and lust are the driving forces over the firs few days and nights, but after that there are myriad reasons why intimate acquaintance will either cement a relationship or blow it apart.”

Extract from Greed by Richard Girling, published on March 26 by Doubleday.

And the text goes on and on…  

The importance if this text is, even I am a gay guy, who has so many one night stands or a few partners already in bed and in my heart, I am feeling the urge to live exactly what our straight friend has mentioned lines above. And If I open my heart; not be afraid to speak off; work hard to recognise the good around, I might had just got what I am searching for it since I got in this land! LOVE, it is out there if you know when it comes to you.

“Open your heart” and let be… let it be hurt because if you don’t know the pain, you probably won’t be able to feel the greatest feeling that you can feel…the chance to be loved and be wanted…

I might not be as afraid as I was before to open it up! Actually you just got inside like a hurricane and changed my perspective of mates; changed my views of letting things happen, give its time. You’re responsible backing me up in the front to believe in other souls and taking me out this savage, selfish, fake, judgmental, sad, frustrating and shallow gay market that I was also in it… with no regrets we found one another! And my competition is UP higher and there still… (Private comment)!

Thank you Ciaran for let me know that you’re also searching for the same feelings! Thank you for been on my side in this turbulent moment. Thank you for believe in me!

That was my Valentine’s Day!

Photo from the surprisingly beautiful, not expected at all, flowers on Friday evening.


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