funny monday!

Reality hits us all!

My day started really early. Like, last night I could sleep properly. Anxiety was killing me!
We got on the train, departed in Dublin and around 9am I was doing my bed… the entire room has a great smell! .*)

So did my uploading in my sites. I never have been so nervous for a job that I still don’t know if I’ll get it! I did prepared way before and lashed the road. But when I got there, interview will be tomorrow. I forgot to check the day! Attention to detail let me down! Oops…

So, I walked back thinking a lot of things. My mind is like a hurricane and it keep growing in worries, bills, money and provide to myself. One thing that doesn’t get off my head was the stuff that I hear this weekend.

“I should be able to take you way to do stuffs. Take you to places, spoils you, mind you”. oh, how sweet. My answer back was:
“I should be able to provide to myself”.

Nothing better to clear mind than, a little shopping spree. Well, quite. Since the credit crunch has bitten us badly, now the new Brown Thomas is Bernados, Oxfan and so on. Nowadays we exchange brand for just good without considering if it is a high up brand, and more than ever, we carry on our friendly-environment plastic bags. Are we more concern about the Environment? Not really. Concerned over .22c per bag!

Today after surprisingly one year fasting for silly shopping, like handbags, shoes, shirts, and diamonds and so on, I went to one of the new deals in town. “The only that I did in 2008 was food and alcohol… oops”. *(

Oh god, shopping is really a great treat! I got a “new” jacket for €10, however it was quite small. I couldn’t think in wave or turn around to check the boy’s bums, even less bread… Damn it.

So, I got home, got changed and went back to the off the rack search. And I did get a “new” jacket. Left the scene kind noticed, because the ladies behind the counter are already my friends and with then, I learnt that Friday is the best day for bargains because;

  1. they do have new clothing;
  2. they do have all sizes, including the smallest one; which I fit just great;
  3. lately since credit is short, no more large donations and some stores are also feeling being bite;
  4. some of the new riches are all around donating one piece and buying 3 more;
  5. some LP, CDs are hitting the top sellers;
  6. house appliances are also doing well – cups, cutlery from the 70’s, Victorian tea pots, is all back and trend…

The negative point of view is that when you leave the store, you desperately need a good shower to dust off the smell and dust! And do not attempt to show off the new clothes without a good washing… that’s all!
It is so funny because, for a while, we in Ireland were living the dream, shopping and spending like there was no tomorrow. We were going mad on booze, after parties, shopping the high end, living larger.

For some of us, our world had crashed for decisions and situations but way before. Now, we are all feeling the down side of an economy that was also living larger than ever; a vicious economy that blew its life with no bounders. At this moment, we can easily see empty restaurants, and empty home cooking pizzas in the supermarket sections; we can see more and more people in Aldi and Lidl. M&S now is even making sales and around town, unthinkable 70%sales is the new deal. For dull times like theses, Off-licenses are cashing in great with a booming of house partying. But still, consumer spender is lower than ever!

Just a fresh hint for the papers from today!

It says the labour market is now deteriorating at an unprecedented rate and that unemployment this year is likely to exceed Government estimates and hit 12.6 per cent by the end of the year. Goodbody had previously forecast a 4.2 per cent decline in GDP.
This loss of jobs is expected to contribute to a decline of 7 per cent in consumer spending this year, according to the report
”. And the report goes on and on!

It is really scaring, even more because I am living as an immigrant and we can measure it up how bad everything is been handled. Prove of that is a sharp downfall in numbers in English schools around Dublin. Previously, some of then, would be running 2 or 3 buildings, packed with students, now, most of then are running business in one building and lesser students.

For instance, queues in immigration to collect visas, re-entry visas and stamp 4 visas (work permit) would delay your day in hours, back in 2005, 2006, 2007 when so many Brazilians, Mauritians and Chinese – biggest immigrant groups in the country from the outside EU that do the registration when arrives in Ireland.

Now, 2009, the process is taking no longer than 20 minutes and thanks to a growing international disbelief in the Irish economy.

The Immigration Bureau down the Quays also reflects the state of a broken economy. In 2004, 180 asylums seek got their documents. In 2007, the number was around 165. In 2008, the figure has plunged to astonish 79 seekers getting their document.

And so on, February have yet to see changes coming from the top, because as usual, the base of the power is doing its duty. Scandals, bad and secret loans, misuse of government seats and cutting tax are no longer affective. Neither for irish people nor for the immigrants that are here to stay and not just make money.

Not all of us are feeling the modern times:

2 cappuccinos, 1 tea, 1 lemon and a Vitoria sponge cakes, in a trend Tokyo café= 70£. Some of us still spread the cash, and largely.

Another one! This winter, Hollywood give to us the ice in the cake: Confessions of a shopaholic is out in cinemas this Friday! What? Are you fucking kidding your tarts? It must be a joke! One of the lines of the dialogue:

“ – $1.500 in underpants?”
“Every human being deserves. Is a basic need”, reply the blonde, stupid cunt.

No better time to live larger like those days!

Just one more. Tom Ford has lanched a new pair of male jeans! Basic worth €496 because the log in the piece is in pure 18k of gold! Who is buying this? A Russian prostitute?

I am gone.


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