The weekend!

the weekend

The best is to come. I can feel it. I managed to get an interview for Monday… so now is rest and enjoy the best of my man. Yes, I also got myself a new beau…He is amazing… I’m falling for him big time.
Now I am, again, in Clodgherhead, watching the rugby Six Nations while he is out buying some food for our Valentine’s Day.
Actually I didn’t understand him for the entire week. He fall sick, was moody and me, didn’t get much of the action. And I didn’t show my emotions for the whole week. We weren’t in a good patch. We did have a lot of misunderstood and quite hid and seek moments.

Last night, Friday 13th, around 8.34pm he showed off in my place. Well, he just arrived at night surprising me with a bunch of flowers. “Oh, baby, you shouldn’t have”! I really felt loved at that moment. It was so ethereal.
We got some more booze, had a lovely long chat and suddenly we said. And from now on I am out the market. I am so glad that we did talk, cleared the bad vibes and are in this together!
Saturday evening, fed, showed in good terms as we will be from now on, because I know that if I am straight forward, speak my mind without fear, we will also avoid a lot of drama; the last thing that we want is drama. Amy Winehouse just sang for us in our valentine’s dinner. That I cooked, with pleasure must ad!

The is one thing that has changed in my past relationship and I’ll have to work it a lot from now on… show my true feelings without been a coward.

And I have no reason to be jealous because he chose me! But, is hard enough to know that before me, another star made his bed where I am dong mine now. It ‘s so confusing and scaring. It makes me feel insecure although i am not that type of guy. But a bad story has changed all of that! Now, is work for better!

Apparently is the Irish TV award today. Some competition is on tonight!

Photos will be uploaded tomorrow.


One thought on “The weekend!

  1. I’m so happy to know that things turned out better for you by the end of this week and that you had a nice valentine’s eve. Guess what, Winehouse also sang for us here on our evening ‘quality time’. Back to Black Deluxe Edition is the best for those moments 🙂Will post something soon 🙂bjo

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