full moon

full moon outside

  • Brazil 2X0 Italy;
  • Obama succeed in approve his U$850bil plan to rescue USA economy; but his fellow workers in his new ministerial White House are giving him headaches due inappropriate paying tax behavior;
  • Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem to feel the credit crunch. She forgot her earrings U$2mil in a Bristish hotel;
  • RBS of Scotland is axing 2.300 posts throughout the corporation;
  • More deaths in suspicious OZ blaze; around 180 deaths and something like 1000 missing people; authorities are treating the incident as criminal and the hunting to caught the responsible has been lunched in the entire country. Even rewards has been offered;
  • While 3000 people dies from cholera in Zimbabwe, president Mugabbi eats caviar;

Good and not so good 1s!
  1. Credit Crunch outside the pitch: British WAG’s are feeling the credit crunch. One of then are now buying nail vanish as little as £2; but one source mentioned that they’ll keep u with their fake tans, £145 a half hour session, hair extensions £345 depending on the length in a high profile hairdresser and something around £55 ten fake nails. A lot of consideration for the fellow footballers fan struggling to buy their tickets from £75 to £ 125 depending if is Manchester, Chelsea or other high profile British football team;
  2. Playing with fire: An awkward PR stunt has been lunched to promote a release of a DVD. The campaign for The Wackness, movie staring sir Ben Kingsley, is giving away a golden ticket. If you find the ticket you could be heading with a partner to enjoy a bag of skunk in Amsterdam. Some voices complained that the PR stunt is unacceptable and the producers defended the Stunt saying that nothing better to deal with the global financial crises than heading off to have some splifts in the beautiful Holland’s capital. The Plot of the dvd is about a troubled teenager dealer that sells cannabis to keep up with his therapy with expansive psychiatric in south London.
  3. The beauty and the beast: Chris Brown is in trouble after bruised and slitted his girlfriend face and lips, also singer Rihana. He loses his campaign contract with chewing gun company Wrigley. The company’s says that the alleged assaulter singer should be afforded in the same due process as any citizen. Sunday evening he handled himself to a LA police station that charged the aggressor on domestic violence felony battery in U$ 50.000. Both nominated for the Grammy called of the duo performance a last minute. This case promises more water under the bridge. Since both are big stars and a new voices to the new R&B/Hip Hop campaing to change North-American view towards how they perceive the movement.
I spent my day sending cv’s by emails. Depressed. And he didn’t give much attention. I know is too later but I do miss him already. So this evening I messaged him and got no reply…
Something is going on and I don’t know what it is!
Well, thank you for coming and by!

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