special friday!

things will work out!

i met this…    

i liked…
and so on, he became

a friend that seeing now…

glad that is working well, i think!
we met today in the market arcade in george st. some starters, beer, some arguments about future.. he was complaining about the service, food and gave to the place 2* for decoration and design…

so we went to Shelbourne hotel… well, if u dont know, i won’t tell u! is the cream of the cream according to him and i already knew it! shhhhh…
is the life that if i can aford, i’ll have it! and so my man!

photo from Shelbourne hotel

photo taken in Clogherhead, co Louth, ireland
but, updated today… cos he is here, now in my home…10.45pm of a snowing Dublin…listening girl of ipanema… perfect.. 

but we misunderstood one another and the night went awkward .. not a nice feeling, but we are both in same mindset so, we already patch things fine!

Rathmines, dublin, Ireland
winter 09


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