days are going to get better. much better!

days are going to get better. much better!

when sorting my visa out, the lady who got me, starts to create problems, asking stupid questions about attendance. “I am sick of this shit, but I need, so I’ll keep my cool”. So on she called her superior, “another queen in the house. Do u want a BJ mate?” and so on, he/she kept asking more and more question.
The noise was unbearable and there was a Nigerian kid running and screaming, around, “can anyone shut this F***** thing up?”
But I stayed calm and on the go. Answering the entire questions with proper English and showing then that I am here to stay.

“Sir, you have to understand that the Irish Government gave you the privilege to work
for 20 hours when studying and 40 hours while on holidays. Do you understand it?”
“Yes you F***** ejiit”, but keeping cool, answering another set of questions…
“Listen man, I can’t answer you if you keep shutting up!” And he apologises to me, tried to picture the situation and from there we got some results.
I ran faster that I could, I got some Subway €1.99 and headed to Bank of Ireland to pay that visa.

Afterwards, lunch break in Trinity College and more photo shoot. It was indeed a nice day and I am glad that I am on my way to sort things out for myself


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