opening new document, for 2009!

just started my own blog…

yes, there is a big trivia question surrounding my thoughts nowadays…
” – What to do with my life?
How to find my direction in this life?”
now is 2.27 am, in Dublin. 
-4degrees and wild wind out there. 
i am not in my great shape or form but, while dedicating time and energy to build this, I hope I’ll be bringing myself to life once more. 
this page will be update when i feel like doing and so on, keep an eye on and see if you’ll be featured in this!
the initial idea is to be creative, spontaneous and bring back my journalism skills. here you’ll find current affairs, comments on art and Dublin scene plus my very peculiar photo-shoots. 
I’ll also be posting my talks with people that cross my patch while out doors or online. 
” – I am a big fun of online chat rooms…
so many things happens over there… “
as i’m not a native in English, please, do not expect great grammar in here. so, keep on and feel welcome to embrace this work experience…
Baila Atha Cliath,

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